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TNL is one of the industry leading manufacturers of high performance USB cables and connectivity solutions at very Reasonable Rate.  Founded in 2006 as The Net Linkers (TNL)

OEM Solutions

With 15+ years of experience in delivering high performance cabling, connectivity, and custom solutions.

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Our goal is to provide a large selection of products at the lowest cost with the best customer experience.

Research & Development (R&D)

We at TNL undertake (R&D) for other Businesses to innovate and introduce new products and services.

Why People Trust Us

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, TNL guarantees quality from project inception to product delivery. With the help of advance technology we leverage a Quality Management System to maintain process and component excellence and to adhere to strict standards.

Advance Technology

We use wire processing automation machinery which increases the soldering & wire strength by 10 x as compared with manual wire soldering.


We have adopted just in time manufacturing techniques, which help us to achieve a competitive advantage in production and operation management.

Standard Quality

Strong commitment to Total Quality Management, our quality standard and guidelines are designed to deliver a standard set of products.


Our 3 layer inhouse testing tool for USB cables, ensures us to satisfy our customer's quality and safety requirements with zero defects.

industries we serve

Our customized solutions to testing tools is ready and quickly deployable to meet customer needs. Our solutions include Audio, Data Connectivity, and Charging (Power Management) – supporting Cable, Electronics and telecom industries.


Providing custom wire and cable solutions for today’s most demanding applications


Providing custom PCB layout and design solutions is one of the ways that we help our customers get to market faster.


We Provide a wide range of communication technologies – from transmission lines to radios and answering machines. Examples, switches to fiber-optic cables, routers etc.

Our Expertise

01. Cable manufacturing

As an expert in cable engineering, We can Develop customize technical cables that fit your exact requirements.

02. Charging Solution

We Provide different Charging Solutions as per the technical needs from Wall Adaptors,  Car Charger, USB Charging HUB etc.

03. Audio Accessories

We Develop & Supply Raw materials, to develop your own audio equipment ready for assembly or OEM.

Our Vision

Established in Mumbai, in the year 2006, TNL has an ambition to provide the best in technology at a reasonable price. Adding the value of possession rather than being heavy on pocket. Started TNL with a vision to advance with the technology, to keep our customers abreast to the latest, which are proudly “Made In India” at our factories. For us at TNL, the thinking is “Why shouldn’t the technology be available to everybody”. Our vision is to be an important player in the market. An organization that keeps its associates, be it internal or external, an inseparable part. Come what may! we are committed and shall remain loyal to anybody and everybody ‘connected’ to TNL.

Our Recent Projects
& Devlopment

Get One Step Ahead Of Technology

As the premier provider of OEM cabling and connectivity solutions, Tnl Cables is able to respond quickly to complex solution requirements and deliver an unparalleled level of service at reasonable rate. 

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